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(Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy )   (Movie of Susan Johnson from NYCEFT website next to this if possible) (Long Version)

EFT Is A Research-Validated Approach to Repairing Injuries and Strengthening Bonds Between Couples and Families that was Developed by Sue Johnson, Ed.D and Leslie Greenberg, PhD

After 30 years of research into attachment theory and its role in relationships, we now have interventions and clinical frameworks for changing patterns of negative interactions into positive dance steps that create security and strong bonds for our couples.

EFT recognizes that relationship distress results from a perceived threat to basic adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate relationships. EFT presents a comprehensive theory of adult love and attachment and a process for healing distressed relationships. It is currently the best delineated and most empirically validated couples therapy of the past 25 years


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